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Take Safety Home

Complacency is often a contributing factor with injuries or an insurance loss in the home.  With remote working for many still in effect, staycations continue to be in vogue, and school age children are now out for summer … great time to review your home for risk on often over looked items relating to appliance safety.    



Cooking fires are still a leading cause of household fires.  If at any time you use a cooking appliance make sure the area is clean and clutter free.  Always ensure appliances are turned off and never leave your stove unattended while in use. 





Microwave Safety Rules

Most injuries related to microwaves are the result of  improper use or heat-related burns from hot containers, overheated foods, or exploding liquids. Safety tips:

  • Never leave food unattended when cooking
  • Check containers for microwave safety symbols (look on the bottom)
  • Do not use metal or shiny objects in a microwave as they can spark and start fires
  • Use oven mitts to remove hot food food
  • Prevent steam burns by removing lids slowly and carefully

Stovetop and Oven Safety Rules

Without sounding like a broken record  … can’t repeat this one enough … never leave your stove unattended while in use.   Safety tips:

  • Use the back burners on a stove whenever possible
  • Turn pot handles towards the centre of the stove to avoid them being knocked while walking by or grabbed by a younger child
  • Avoid loose sleeves or roll up your sleeves while cooking
  • If a window is nearby, secure the window covering (especially if the window is open and the fabric could blow over the flame/heat)
  • Keep burners free from debris and shut off your stovetop or oven as soon as you are done cooking

Toaster Safety Rules

A toaster is another essential item in most kitchens, but like most electrical gadgets they pose a risk if used incorrectly.  Safety tips:

  • Never stick anything (especially a metal something) into the toaster.  This will help you avoid an electrical shock that could seriously harm you.
  • Clean the crumb tray after each use to prevent a fire
  • If you notice an odd smell or any sparking, unplug the toaster immediately and contact the manufacturer.  Do not use it again until it has been repaired. 
  • Always store the toaster away from the sink or any liquids that could spill on it to avoid an electric shock

Sometimes, appliance fires and appliance related injuries are caused simply by something beyond your control. 

Smoke alarms and heat detectors are essential in keeping you safe by raising the alarm in the event of a fire.


There should be a minimum of one alarm/detector per floor and cover all areas where a fire could start AND your sleeping areas. 

In a larger rental home or single family house, put smoke alarms in the hallways that lead to each bedroom. On floors without bedrooms, install the smoke alarm in or near each living area such as dens, living and family rooms. Put a smoke alarm on the ceiling at the bottom of any staircase leading to upper floors.

For more Fire Safety Tips …. visit Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.’s Fire Safety Blog Category!

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Fire Safety

With spring upon us, it is a good time for a fire safety reminder.  Now that we are leaving behind those winter blues, completing some spring cleaning and enjoying the fresh air — now is a great time to help ensure the safety of your home.

An important safety feature in any home is the smoke detector.  Smoke detectors provide the first warning signs of a fire if they are properly tested and maintained. 

Smoke alarms only save lives if they work! To ensure everyone’s safety,  the following are some tips to keep in mind when thinking about smoke detectors:

  • should be checked and tested on a monthly basis
  • if battery operated, the batteries should be changed once a year
  • also keep in mind that smoke detectors expire every ten years. It is important to change them once they expire to help ensure the safety of everyone.


    Smoke Alarms Save Lives

    In situations where you have a personal fire extinguisher or a property with them, this is a great time of year to ensure they are inspected and working properly. Yearly maintenance and inspection is an annual safety requirement for all extinguishers. Fire extinguishers that have been discharged need to be inspected and recharged by a qualified technician.

    Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. sends annual reminders to tenants about smoke detectors and completes the required safety inspections as needed.   For more information about fire safety read Do you know what to do if there is a fire in your Building

Time to check your smoke detectors


Spring Forward


This weekend is Daylight Savings! 


At 2 AM on Sunday, March 10, 2019 our clocks spring forward.  While you are changing your clocks and other timepieces, take the opportunity to also check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

It takes just a few seconds to press the “test” button on your alarms to make sure they work.  If you have battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today — replace the batteries.






Important tips when it comes to smoke detectors:

  • Change your smoke alarm every 10 years.
  • Never use a rechargeable battery.
  • Install smoke alarms in hallways, near bedrooms and ensure nothing will block smoke from reaching the detector.

These simple tips will help protect yourself and family members from fire and carbon monoxide dangers in your home.  Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can only alert you of dangers and give you time to escape … if … they … work. 

Looking for more fire safety tips from Emerald Management & Realty Ltd., read Every second counts, plan 2 ways out

Whether its spring forward or back, changing your clocks is a great reminder to also test your smoke and carbo monoxide detectors.


Do you know what to do if there’s a fire in your building?

Recently, there have been multiple incidents in condo and apartment buildings where cigarette butts were thrown from balconies and landed in dry planters … which in turn caught fire (providing us a great opportunity to remind smokers that it is very important that they make sure cigarette debris is always disposed of in a fire proof container and properly extinguished).


Fire safety tips in your rental property


… Be prepared so you know what to do before a fire starts!


To prepare yourself so that you know what to do in the event there is a fire in your condo unit you can:

  • Be familiar with all exits from your floor (Plan more than 1 way out — just in case one of the exits is blocked by fire or smoke).
  • In the event you are unable to leave your home, make sure everyone knows to call 9-1-1 for further instruction and assistance.
  • Learn about the fire safety features in your unit and in the building (i.e.) fire alarms, fire sprinklers, location of extinguishers, etc.
  • If you find a fire exit blocked by clutter or a door requires repair, contact your property manager immediately.
  • Purchase a multi-purpose fire extinguisher for your kitchen and keep it accessible.
  • Test your smoke alarm monthly by pressing the test button and clean it every 6 months. Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t forget and make it a habit of changing your batteries at least annually. Remember that your alarm won’t be able to protect you if it has no power or the batteries are burnt out.

House fires kill and injure thousands every year … and many more are impacted by the loss of valued memories and personal possessions in fire related incidents that could have easily been avoided. In a fire, every second counts … make sure your fire safety knowledge is up to date by visiting the Fire Prevention Canada website for more information.

Reminder: Your condominium bylaws (and your mortgage) outline your responsibility to carry adequate insurance.  It is recommended that you review the Bylaws with your insurance agent to make sure that you have the right coverage in place.
Emerald Management & Realty Ltd., has partnered with Nuera Insurance to help provide a convenient way to purchase insurance in a matter of minutes! To receive a quote on-line, visit Nuera’s website and click on “Get a Quote”.  For our valued clients, please contact your property manager to receive a discount code for your insurance policy placed with Nuera.  If you have questions about your insurance responsibilities, please contact our property manager or review your bylaws for more information.