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FAQs for Condo Corporations, Owners & Boards

General Information on Condominium Properties

General Information

What is the role of the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors of a Condominium makes decisions for the Condominium and their owners, relating to both collective and personal property. The Board is subject to restrictions imposed or directions given at the general meeting. The overarching tasks are as follows:


  • Maintaining the common property;
  • Making and enforcing rules;
  • Enforcing the Corporation’s bylaws and the Condominium Property Act;
  • Understanding when larger maintenance-related jobs are needed and evaluating costs for these jobs;
  • Setting the Corporation’s budget; and
  • Collecting fees or contributions from property owners within the Condominium.

What is a Condominium?

A condominium is a unique type of property ownership where owners have a title to their unit (can be a townhome, apartment, or commercial property, among others), but also jointly own common property with the other unit owners. Unlike an apartment complex, the management of the common property and maintenance of the building (including administrative tasks) are the responsibility of the Corporation’s Board who are elected by the owners.

Where can I find all the information related to my Condominium unit?

Each new owner will be mailed a welcome package that contains valuable and important information, and we urge you to keep it for reference.

How do I find the Bylaws & Rules for my Condominium Corporation?

All current Bylaws & Rules for your Condo Complex should be provided to you when you take possession of your Condo Property. It is your responsibility to read through these documents and keep yourself aware of various rules and regulations, including upgrades and improvements to your condominium.

How do I request documents from Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.?

Every situation tends to be unique and, accordingly, for personal tailored responses, please contact Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. directly at 403-237-8600.

Condominium Property Act of Alberta

Responsibilities of Owners when Renting Condos

What are the responsibilities of Condominium owners?

Owners are responsible for maintaining their property and ensuring they keep themselves apprised of the rules and responsibilities of the corporation. This includes reading the minutes of the Board meetings, reviewing the governing documents of the Board prior to taking possession, and ensuring all financial obligations are paid on time and in full.

A majority of the day-to-day questions that owners of a Condominium have are commonly located in bylaws and other governing documents such as: Are pets allowed? Are satellite dishes allowed? What changes can I make to the exterior of my building? When can I put up Christmas lights and decorations? While some of these questions seem to be small in nature, they must be adhered to if all owners are to realize the success of a condo lifestyle.

How can I pay my Condominium Fees or Contributions?

There are three different methods of payment that Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. accepts for the payment of Condominium fees and contributions including a PAP Plan, which allows us to automatically withdraw funds from your debit account on the date that its due, removing the need for postage or cheques. Alternatively, we also accept post-dated cheques and, if necessary, you can make an Interac transaction in person at the Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. office.

What do I do if I want to rent out my Condominium?

Most Condominium Corporations have rules and regulations that outline rental policies and associated costs. The best place to start is reviewing your bylaws, at which point you may be able to fill out a form to give notice of your intent to rent out your unit.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your renters are kept apprised of all the rules and regulations set out by the Condominium.

Condominium Insurance

What does my Condominium Insurance Cover?

The insurance provided through your Condominium Corporation typically covers the fixed structure, condominium common property such as mechanical equipment, fire suppression systems, and common assets. Therefore, it is highly recommended you get insurance that covers your personal property or any improvements you make to your living space. You should also carry extra insurance if you are renting out your unit.

The insurance company that provides your Condominium’s insurance may provide a discounted rate for any additional insurance you choose to take.

Condominium Renovations

What should I do if I want to renovate?

Many of the general guidelines around renovations are included in your corporation’s bylaws. We encourage all owners to review sections related to renovations prior to contacting your management company or your Corporation’s Board. If your answers are not included in documentation already provided, we recommend you contact your management company or your Corporation’s Board for further details on process.

Note that any renovations or upgrades you perform may not be insured by your Condominium unless written permission is received by the Board or otherwise outlined in the Bylaws.

Bylaw Violation & Reporting

How do I file a complaint? My neighbour is violating a bylaw or rule.

We strongly encourage neighbours to try and solve disputes between themselves. If you feel that a matter is beyond solving on your own, or you are not comfortable solving the problem on your own, you can file a complaint using our Online Form that will be promptly directed to the Board. Your concerns will be noted, and action may be taken if deemed reasonable in accordance with the Bylaws and Board policies.

Maintaining Condo Units

How do I report problems with my unit?

Deficiencies with your unit that do not affect your personal safety are your responsibility. If you have a new property that is still under warranty, we recommend you report to the developer and the warranty company in writing. If you have already done so but your developer has not done anything to remedy the problem, your developer may be waiting to see if other problems (including or excluding your unit) arise so they can fix multiple issues/concerns at once.

If your home is no longer under warranty, please contact your Property Manager at 403-237-8600.

NOTE: The cost of the repair may be your responsibility, depending on your Bylaws.

I have reported a series of problems with my unit, but to date, no one has come to fix the problems. What should I do?

Sometimes developers will wait for a full year to pass after you take possession. This ensures that all problems with the property are reported, and can be managed at the same time. This reduces overall time spent by the developer going back and forth to suites, and saves time and materials. Please check with your developer or warranty program to confirm their timeline policy for responses. You may also wish to review your concerns with your legal counsel.

Emergencies & Emergency Management

What if I encounter an emergency? What steps do I take?

If you are in an emergency where your personal safety, or someone else’s personal safety, is at risk, Call 9-1-1 before contacting Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.

In the event of an emergency that threatens homeowner property or common areas, please call our 24-hour emergency number 403-237-8600.

For Prospective Clients of Condominium Property Management Services

Emerald Management & Realty Ltd’s Services for Condominium Corporations

How do you protect a Corporation’s Trust Fund?

Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. is licensed and bonded. In accordance and in compliance with the Real Estate Act of Alberta, all of our trust accounts are audited annually. The additional financial reports are made available to the owners when the operating statements are audited in accordance with the Bylaws, as determined by the Board of Directors.

What are the types of projects Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. has managed?

At Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. we have managed a wide variety of condominium projects including residential and commercial condominiums which included complicated phased cost sharing, and shared amenities. For more information, specific to your condominium complex, please contact Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. directly at 403-237-8600.

How many projects does each of your condominium agents manage?

Condominium Managers at Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. are not overloaded with a large portfolio – the number varies based on the location, size and complexity of services needed. We ensure our team has the tools and time to fulfill their obligations.

How often are the financial statements prepared and delivered to your clients?

A detailed operating statement is prepared for the Board of Directors on a monthly basis and promptly delivered with an explanation of the use of revenues and expenses.

Can you assist us with difficult legal issues?

At Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. we are happy to provide you with assistance with tough issues, although the provision of support is assessed on a case-by-case basis. If your Corporation needs support please contact Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. for an assessment; we will provide you with information on how we can help. We may also refer you to a lawyer that specializes specifically in Condominium issues.

Can you help us build a sustainable, long-term capital expenditure plan?

Our team has years of experience in helping Condominium Corporations plan for their future. We can assist in reviewing preventative planning, and we understand your reserve fund requirements.

Will you take on projects that are only a few months old?

Yes. Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. is happy to take on Condominium developments regardless of their duration or how long they have been in existence.

What does Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. do to support a Condominium Corporation’s Board of Directors?

As the Board of Directors, you are responsible for administering the business of your Condominium on behalf of the rest of the owners. This includes ensuring the Condominium Corporation runs within its legal parameters, and continues to keep the owners apprised of significant changes. Hiring a property management company, like Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. allows the Board to focus more on the direction of the Corporation, and focus less on small, yet cumbersome details. When a Condominium Board chooses Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. to be their manager, we will match you with one of our experienced managers, who will take on a majority of the day-to-day obligations typically fulfilled by the Board. Our managers will support your board through regular, daily office hours, and can provide emergency support in the event extenuating circumstances occur. At our core, we reduce the stress on the Board Members and free up more time for your volunteers by ensuring your property is being well maintained and looked after.

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