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HOA Management

Building a Better Community through Strong Management

Home Owners Residents & Associations (HOA) Management can provide invaluable support to a community. Whatever the size of your HOA, Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. has extensive experience providing specialized administrative services for your association and their volunteer organization. We provide support and expertise gained from years of experience in asset management and managing associations with over 1700 individual homes.

For HOA Residents and Associations

Our goal is to make your HOA more efficient – reducing the time commitments of the Board by providing professional HOA management services to Board members and the Association. Our specialties include ensuring meetings are as productive and as efficient as possible, the provision of monthly financial statements to the Board of Directors, and ensuring (or making certain) that your HOA is in compliance with the Registered Article of Association. We also provide financial planning services to ensure your HOA consistently has a healthy financial position.

Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. believes in consistent and strong two-way communication between the HOA and its members. Strong communication is often the first step to avoiding challenges with members. We will assist in the explanation of processes and rules so everyone involved in the HOA, including the membership, understands their roles and responsibilities and the benefits they receive for being a part of the HOA.

For HOA Community Members

Whether this is your first time as a part of an HOA, or you are a long-standing veteran, we understand your role as a member. With Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. as your HOA management team, we will assist in explaining the processes and rules, so everyone in the community understands their responsibility as a part of the association and what the community can expect in return for their participation and commitment.

For more information on what an HOA is, and what an HOA management team can provide, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.