Congratulations to March 2018’s Resident Manager of the Month!

Congratulations to Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.’s resident manager of the month for March 2018: Jeanette H.  

Jeanette does an outstanding job with all of the monthly tasks expected. She goes above and beyond her duties to ensure cleanliness, safety, and organization for the condominium property located in the community of Mount Royal in Calgary, Alberta.
Jeanette embodies all the traits set forth by Emerald and the Condominium Board: integrity, reliability, and promptness. Jeanette’s work has been noticed by owners and tenants alike. She consistently keeps detailed logs for maintenance and upkeep on the property. Jeanette keeps the property neat and tidy, as well as during the winter you can often find her outside chipping ice from the sidewalks and driveways.

Jeanette keeps the property in picture perfect condition, which makes residents proud to invite family and friends over to visit and does this by keeping the outdoor spaces and common areas tidy and in good repair. She exceeds the expectations of current owners and tenants and helps positively influence the decisions of potential new owners.

From all of us at Emerald Management & Realty Ltd., – Congratulations Jeanette!

2018 Top Choice Award Winner: Property Management Services

2018 Top Choice Award Winner: Best Property Management Services Calgary

For the 3rd consecutive year, Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. is proud to receive the 2018 Top Choice Award for Top Property Management Company in Calgary, AB! 

Top Choice Awards helps noteworthy businesses by providing feedback on their services in a variety of categories.  By collecting and reviewing the opinions of thousands of customers annually, they provide the results to one winner in each category. As there are a number of nominees in the various categories, our team is excited and honored to receive this prestigious award once again.

Receiving this award and maintaining our position involves a great deal of dedication and hard work from our entire team.  We appreciate everyone’s efforts and focus on teamwork.  It is extremely humbling to see our efforts for ongoing improvement recognized by our valued customers and clients.  

From all of us at Emerald — THANK YOU!!! for your support and vote of confidence.

Key Objective for Condominium Boards

Key Objective for Condominium Boards

Responsibilities of a Condo Board of Directors

Being a board member is a great opportunity to take an active role in your condominium community and be surprisingly rewarding.
Good governance should be a key objective that all Condo Boards strive for. Owners elect a Board of Directors to oversee the business affairs of the condominium corporation. The day-to-day operations and administration of the corporation are often delegated to the property management company. A condominium’s bylaws govern how the condominium corporation is run. Rules, often referred to House Rules & Regulations focus on the day-to- day concerns of condominium living and vary from condominium to condominium.
These rules may be very strict or very relaxed depending on the nature of the corporation, but they help ensure that the condominium is a safe, pleasant and attractive place to live. Rules also spell out what the rights and obligations are as an individual owner. The Condominium Property Act is the provincial legislation that sets out what matters can be covered by bylaws, and sometimes the rules. All bylaws and rules must be consistent with this legislation. If you are looking to join the board of directors, you should be prepared to meet regularly to conduct condominium business.
Meetings typically occur once a month, though they can happen more or less frequently.  The board of directors must ensure the corporation is run in compliance with the Condominium Property Act.  A Board is typically comprised of 3 to 7 members that are elected by the owners at the Annual General Meeting. Terms are generally outlined in the bylaws and quite often, terms are 1 year. Consideration should be given to staggering the appointment of new members to achieve terms from 1 to 3 years, so that no more than half of the Directors are being replaced or re-elected in any given year. This assists with succession and the transfer of knowledge to new board members.
Emerald Management & Realty, Ltd., a Calgary-based company, provides condominium management services in addition to their services provided to rental property investors who own apartments, single-family homes, commercial buildings, and single-unit condos. Recognized for its effective management style, Emerald Management & Realty, Ltd., oversees all building functions,including the administration and operations duties of condominium corporations in collaboration with condominium boards of directors.   Please contact us for more information  about the condominium management services we provide to Condominium Corporations to condos located in Calgary, Airdrie, Strathmore, High River and Canmore, Alberta.

Maintaining Personal Safety in a Multi-Family Building

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Please help yourself and your neighbors stay safe in your homes by considering some of the following basic safety measures in your house, condo or apartment building:

  • If you don’t know them … don’t let them in!  No one should follow you in the front door and/or into the parkade without request. The same applies to your intercom or your own personal front door: if you don’t know them – don’t let them in. If you see someone that doesn’t belong, please take note. Contractors should all have identification and able to show this to you — we can’t imagine anyone that would mind providing proof when respectfully asked if they belong in the building or on the property.
  • Check the locks. Make sure that doors lock after you’ve entered or exited. Further, check your window locks to make sure they work properly.  Make sure that your doors and windows are left locked at all times.
  • Meet the neighbors. Residents who know the people in their building or on their block, are better able to spot strangers. Being familiar with neighbors also makes it easier to look out for one another by watching a neighbor’s space or pets when they are gone
  • Get a safe. If a burglar gets into an apartment, condo or house, a secure safe may be the only other way to protect valuables. Safes can be purchased in a variety of sizes and for varying prices. Using a safe is also great for hiding possessions in smaller areas around the apartment. 

Suspicious activity should always be reported to the non-emergency police line at 403-266-1234. If a break in is imminent and/or in progress – call 911. If you have been broken into, please report it to the police – call 911 and let your property manager know what has taken place. Being mindful of the above steps along with the awareness of surroundings, can go a long way in the prevention of crimes and property break-ins.

Maintaining Personal Safety in a Multi-Family Building