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Why Use a Property Manager When Renting a House?

Most of us rent for a long time before we can afford to buy a house. Even though renting is not the same as owning, it’s still important to lease a place that we like and feels like home. But looking for property to rent can be difficult and long-winding, causing us an immense amount of unnecessary stress.

A way to ease the process of finding a rental home is to use a property manager. Many people think that property management companies are only necessary when after you find a place to live , but the truth is that there are many benefits to using one when you want to rent too!

So, why use property management for a house rental? Read on to discover why they’re a great choice and what advantages they bring to the table.

Licensed Brokerages Have Years of Experience

For normal people, trying to navigate the rental market can be like a minefield. Contracts are confusing, and as tenants, we often don’t know what we’re entitled to. A property manager, on the other hand, knows all of these things and can help you get the best deal.

Property managers and leasing agents have fantastic inside knowledge of their local areas, ensuring they can find you a place in the best locations. Their industry experience also means that they’ll know which documentation you require and can be realistic about what properties you can afford within your budget. When you hire property management, your fee for a rental house may end up being exactly what you’re searching for.

Working with a property management company with in-house leasing agents will save you a lot of time and effort as you search for a rental within their own portfolios of units for rent. Leasing agents and property managers will also work with you to ensure you get what you want. The property market is fast-moving and competitive, with many people going after the same property.

As soon as you start looking for a new rental home, you should connect with a property management company or one of their leasing agents to help get a head start on new leads as soon as they become available. This will give you the opportunity to book house tours that work around your schedule. You can also visit their website and monitor what is available and what meets your list of needs and wants.

Searching for a property is time-consuming. But for leasing agents, it is their job. So, if you don’t have time to look yourself, let an agent work with you! They can compile a list of potential properties for you and recommend the paperwork you will need to have. That way, you’ll be organized and ready to act if you find a rental property that works for you. 

No-Risk of Scams

Finding a property to rent online is easy, but comes with many risks. Often, these properties aren’t rented with legal contracts, meaning that your rights as a tenant aren’t protected. In Alberta, landlords must pay a specified yearly interest rate on security deposits, which is then returned to the tenant once the rental agreement ends. Unless you have a legal contract through a rental agency, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience the benefits of this.

Finding Your Dream Rental

If you’re searching for a rental property and want to use a trustworthy leasing agent and property manager for a rental house, get in touch with us at Emerald Management & Realty. Our team of experts in Calgary, Alberta is happy to help you with whatever you need. Drop us a line at 403-237-8600 or get in touch via our website.

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