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What is an Emergency?

Understanding When to Call Maintenance

If you are in an emergency situation that is threatening you or someone else’s personal safety, please call 9-1-1 prior to reaching Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.

An emergency whereby Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. should be contacted is anything relating to the property that is a threat to the life/health of the residents or property, and requires immediate assistance.

Examples of Emergencies

A good example of emergencies we have encountered and helped to resolve are as follows:

  • Fires;
  • Damage from a tree during a storm;
  • Sewage back up;
  • Gas odours;
  • Broken water pipes;
  • Electrical arcing/sparking;
  • Electrical fires;
  • Furnace repair (especially during winter months);
  • Water leaks;
  • No heat during the winter or cold weather; and
  • Elevator isn’t functioning.

Examples of Non-Emergencies

The following is a list of examples that are NOT qualified as emergencies. Calling us after hours to report a non-emergency may result in a service charge.

  • Appliance break-down (fridge not working, air conditioning not working, etc)
  • Locking yourself out of your home
  • Your tap is dripping

We do take Non-Emergencies seriously, but strive to manage these issues within regular business hours, and will use our maintenance personnel and vendors on an as-available basis.