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The Appeals of Condo Culture

Owning a house can sometimes be, for lack of a better word, exhausting. We live such busy lives already with work and family responsibilities that having to maintain and care for a house can be draining at times. 


Houses come with more maintenance and repair obligations, so you have more to stay on top of.  A condo is compact and offers everything you need to live a comfortable and happy life without the headache of being a house owner. 


There could be several reasons why moving to a condo unit could be beneficial to you. You may have too much on the go to properly care for your home, so living in a smaller space can ease the stresses of maintaining a clean and happy home. 




Depending on the type of condominium you choose to live in, some are turn-key and others offer a variety of amenities.  Workout facilities, swimming pools, a spa and other health-driven amenities can add so much value to your lifestyle. Having these amenities appeal significantly to those seeking a more health-conscious lifestyle. Furthermore, owning a treadmill or any other gym equipment can be expensive and excruciatingly challenging to bring into your home due to their extreme weight. 


Imagine having a swimming pool that you never have to clean to maintain. Letting someone else worry about the maintenance of the gym equipment and other facilities is a much better way of life. You get to focus on yourself and reach your fitness goals. 


Opportunities to participate in social committees


Living so closely with others fosters a sense of community that is distinct from that which you might discover in a conventional neighbourhood. Many condo dwellers take great pleasure in their area, and neighbours often wind up becoming good friends. This is great for anyone who is often lonely or has difficulty meeting new people. 


Less responsibilities


Let this be why you decide to switch from house to condo living. While you do pay condo fees aka contributions, you are getting so much in return. Everything is taken care of when you live in a condo: lawncare maintenance, janitorial duties in the common areas, maintenance of the amenities, security, and much more. 


Condo living also means you have fewer things to stress over in your home. With fewer chores to deal with, you can expect the stress of keeping tabs on all the things you need to clean or maintain to decrease substantially. This will significantly improve your well-being because you can focus on the essential things that matter to you. 


Easy access to neighbourhood gems


You can often find condos for rent in the heart of any metropolis. Since everything worth seeing will be within walking distance or easily accessible via public transportation, you can count on not needing a car anymore. You will save so much money by eliminating car ownership, and the extra walking will benefit your health in the long run. 


Condo living enables you to be part of your community and experience a more engaging lifestyle. Spend the morning sipping on a matcha latte at a local coffee shop or pick up fresh produce from a nearby farmer’s market. No longer being bound by a car makes for easy movement within a city, giving you more access to some neighbourhood gems. 


More affordable cost of living


Many condos for sale are, of course, more affordable than a house. Condo living offers incredible lifestyle changes that benefit your lifestyle. 

Consider Condo Living Today!


If you desire to make the change to condo living, our Emerald Management & Realty team can help you. We take pleasure in providing licensed condominium management that supports condominium owners and condominium boards. You can reach us by phone at 403-237-8600 or fill out our online contact form to get started.

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