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Your Annual Property Maintenance Checklist

Conducting yearly property maintenance can save you significant time and money. Choosing one day of the year to conduct a thorough inspection around your property and make necessary repairs can prevent potential damage and keep you and your tenants safe. Continue reading for details on the checklist you should follow each year.

Check for Water Leaks 

Checking pipes for water leaks should be at the top of your annual property maintenance checklist. Even small and seemingly insignificant leaks can diminish the life of your pipes and lead to costly repairs. Addressing leaks and cracks in the water line can prevent a pipe from bursting and flooding areas inside of your property. 

Change Furnace Filters

Furnace filters work hard to keep you and your tenants safe. Some filters require quarterly inspections; however, it’s best to conduct a more thorough examination of the furnace and the filter annually. This is essential for property owners who rent out their homes because a clean furnace filter prevents dust, dirt, and mould from building up and circulating throughout the property. 

Check for Mould 

Completing a yearly checklist can be stressful, especially if you’re inspecting multiple homes you rent out to tenants. Using property maintenance services can help with some of the more difficult areas of the checklist by enlisting the help of professionals. When checking for mould, your tenants’ health is at stake, so it’s always best to consult a professional and ensure that the home is safe to live in.

Inspect the Gutters 

One of the areas that often gets overlooked is the gutters. They are vital and can protect the life of your roof when properly maintained. Adding gutters to your checklist and inspecting them yearly will ensure that debris or animal nests are removed and that the gutters are working properly. 

Check Kitchen and Bathroom Ventilation 

One of the key benefits of hiring a property maintenance company for your rental home is having access to local resources and professional companies. Trusting your property management company to source out yearly tasks like checking the kitchen and bathroom ventilation can ensure that your home is in proper working order. Relying on a professional company to take care of ventilation issues will save you time and ensure that if any problems are found, they’re taken care of immediately and correctly.

Check for Pest Intrusion 

If your home has attic or basement space, checking for pests while working through a yearly checklist is imperative. Pests can come in all sizes and tend to favour areas that don’t get used often. If you find yourself with nests or insects/animals living in any space of the home, call a pest control service immediately to save your home from further damage. 

Check for Air Leaks 

Old doors and windows around the home can easily let air from the house slip out. Adding sealant around the window or replacing old door frames during your property maintenance checks can go a long way in helping your home stay warm or cool, depending on the season. Eliminating air leaks will also help lower your energy bill.

Inspect Your Deck 

Don’t forget to inspect outdoor structures around your property. If you’re renting out a home, your tenants will likely enjoy spending time on the deck. Ensure the structure is stable and has not deteriorated. 

Want More Advice & Guidance?

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