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Strathmore Now Renting

Do you know anyone looking for a place to rent in Strathmore? If you do, our Strathmore Refer A Friend promotion is on until March 31, 2019.

Be sure to pass along this amazing opportunity to everyone!  In three simple steps you could have another $100 in your pocket. 

March 2019 rental incentive promotions

If you missed our Open House on March 10, 2019, for the month of March 2019, there is also a promotion going on for new tenants signing a 1 year lease! They can have 1 Month Free Rent or a Full Year of Savings!

To refer a friend, simply follow these three steps: 

1. Email (Don’t forget to CC your friend!)
2. A leasing agent will contact them and start the process
3. When your friend takes possession, you get $100!

It’s that easy!  Contact our Leasing Agents to find out more!

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