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In response to your request for a FREE Rental Assessment by Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. (“Emerald”), Emerald based the proposed rental value of your property using information from similar proprieties recently leased and managed by Emerald.  We have also researched market data available online of similar properties as of the date valuation. 

A physical inspection of the property and/or the property title was not completed to verify condition and value.  It is assumed that the property is free of hazardous materials and is not subject to any unusual encumbrances or defect in building code.  It is further assumed that the information provided to Emerald was an accurate and reasonable description of the property.

The proposed rental assessment of the property includes considerations of relevant facts as provided by the Owner, the influence of the current market, neighbourhood environment, and trends in the Calgary rental marketplace. The purpose of this Report is to provide an approximate value that the subject property could rent for as of the date of the Report and to provide information on Emerald’s services.

No opinion is intended to be expressed for matters which require legal expertise or specialized investigation or knowledge unknown or beyond us in relation to the property and/or the scope of this report. This report should not be relied upon by other persons or third parties for any sort of business transaction without the written permission and consent of Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.

This report is confidential to the client for the specific purpose to which it refers.  No part of this report or any reference hereto maybe included or published in any way without the written consent of Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. of the form and context in which it may appear.