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How to Write an Effective Rental Listing Advertisement

An effective real estate rental listing attracts attention — the attention of the type of tenant you are looking for.

What’s more is that an effective listing, as a consequence, should help you quickly rent the house or apartment in question.

So, how do you write an effective rental listing advert to create some “noise” in the market? To stand out from others?

You’ll want to accentuate the positives about the property, but also carefully choose the right words to ensure it appeals to your client base. To write great ads and list effectively, follow these great tips. You should be pleased with the responses you get from your future ads.

Know which market sector you are targeting

Is the property likely to be suitable for young urban professionals to rent? Or it is ideal for singles or perhaps older, possibly retired couples?  It may be close to a medical teaching university or college and therefore be likely to attract medical professionals and/or their students.

Also, what are the demographics of the area in which the property is located? Are they stable or likely to change (eg. is the area relatively run-down but undergoing a rejuvenation and attracting a new demographic)?


Know your neighbourhood: what are its main attractions?

Discuss proximity to good local, essential shopping (grocery stores, bakeries, pharmacies), restaurants, cafes and great public transport links (such as bus lines, subways or closeness to highways for travel).  

What about the availability of public amenities such as parks, museums and libraries? And, of course, what can be observed about overall security and crime levels? Be sure to mention any details about nearby locations, landmarks and reputations for overall local safety.


Be well-versed in the factual details about the property

Be sure to mention important details, such as how many square metres make up the property’s size (only if you are 100% certain), whether it comes with/without balcony or terraces, how many bedrooms it has or what the general layout is like. Is the kitchen large or small or does the bathroom come with a shower or bath (or both)? If this is for an apartment, does it come with secure parking options? If it’s for a house, what is the garden like (eg. is big or small and can it be easily maintained)?


Make the property sound great — be creative and descriptive

Is the property light and airy, with a nice aspect to catch the morning/afternoon sun? Are there large windows or good ceiling heights? Does the property come equipped with well-proportioned accommodation or plenty of storage space?

If this is for an apartment to rent, does the main living space have a view? Or if it’s for a house rental, how many stories does it have and does it come with/without a basement?


Photos and videos

As we all know, there is an art to photography — but even getting the basics right can make a property listing so much better.

If at all possible, we suggest using a mid-priced SLR (if you are doing the photography yourself) or the new cameras in the latest cell phones. Or, if you have the means, it’s even better to hire a professional photographer to take some quality shots that’ll truly capture the appeal of the space.

Explore the angles when taking shots and see which works the best (usually from the corner of a room). Always look for the best light to enhance your photos. Usually, the ideal time is early morning or late afternoon for suitable light.

An additional pro-tip is to make sure you avoid photos of cluttered rooms or unmade beds, as this doesn’t offer the best look. Worst of all, definitely don’t show toilets with their seats up! These are some simple, but important things to remember when trying to get some nice shots for your listing.

Nowadays, it’s also easy to arrange videos — and most clients like to view these to get a better idea of a property before viewing. It can be even better if you have a 360-degree camera that can help produce virtual images and let prospects “walk” through the property without physically visiting it. These can save the agent a great deal of time (not to mention that they’ve provided an additional safety measure for property viewings in light of COVID-19).

The real skill, of course, is selecting the right information to entice the reader to want to view the property. Yet, if you follow our tips, you’ll soon be an expert listing advert writer!

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