February 2020 Resident Manager of the Month

Congratulations Christian K.!  Christian is our resident manager at SOHO ONE located in Calgary, AB.   A valued member of the  Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. team, Christian has grown with the company over the past couple of years.  Despite wearing a couple of different hats, he delivers exceptional service to his tenants and maintains all other property management in Calgary duties in a timely and professional manner.

We appreciate his effort to conquer all of the challenges with improvements undertaken at the rental property in 2019 and his ongoing attention into 2020! 

Congratulations Christian on receiving this well deserved recognition!

February 2020 Resident Manager of the Month Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.

Rental Increases: Something To Think About

In this 3-part video blog series exploring the topic of rent increases, Jodena Rogers VP of Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. takes a look at how a landlord might move through the preliminary stages of a rent increase review. 


Rent Increases – Part One

PART ONE:  In the property management industry, there may be many different reasons and investment strategies that justify a rent increase. Discussion is held in our video blog to capture the indicators you might want to consider before the implementation of a rent increase for your rental property in Calgary & Area.  

Monitoring the viability of rent increases is not only important while working towards investment goals during an inflationary economy but also important to manage expectations and risks in tougher economic times.  Further to this, this item should be mindfully approached given that this is an extremely sensitive matter to many tenants and should be handled with respect and professionalism.


PART TWO: In Part 2 of the series, discussion is held on how to determine the rent, opportunities in a hard market for concessions and doing what tenant’s do all the time … check out the comparables. The importance of being mindful of respectful communication is addressed when reviewing tenant criteria and being open to considering potential upgrades.

PART THREE: In this final segment of the 3-part series exploring the topic of rent increases, Jodena Rogers VP of Emerald Management & Realty Ltd., discusses the various sales and communication strategies involved with rent increases. In addition to determining if the market can support an increase, often a landlord in put in the position of justifying the increase to the tenant.  In addition to balancing financial goals, it is key to know your product and market conditions.  Again when it comes to interacting with your tenants: Be fair and communicate, know your product and be able to justify.

Jodena Rogers was the keynote speaker at the January 2020 Calgary Residential Rental Association and presented this topic to over 100 attendees consisting of property managers, rental property owners, and landlords. Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. is a property management company located in Calgary, Alberta with over 40 years of experience in the southern area of Alberta.   Emerald’s property management team was recently awarded the Top Choice Award for Property Management Services in Calgary for the 5th year in a row.  For more information about the services Emerald’s team provides to investment property owners visit: Property Management Services. 


Lunar New Year Wishes

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!  Wishing you and your loved ones happiness and prosperity in the Year of the Rat!

If you were born in: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, or 2020 …. its your year .. the Year of the Rat! 

Despite the unflattering characteristics often associated with the rat — they have been proven by scientific studies to be intelligent, empathetic and some people event call them the perfect pet.  The Chinese zodiac describes rats as: clever, social and ambitious. 

If it is your year, Chinese fortune says: “New chances will come your way for love and financial gain. Raises at work and unique social opportunities could be on the horizon. Lucky numbers for you this year are 5 and 8. Look after your health; as soon as a problem arises, deal with it.”

Happy Chinese New Year!   新年快乐! (Chinese)   xīn nián kuài lè (Mandarin)   /sen-nin feye-lor/ (Cantonese)


Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. provides property management services in Calgary & Area. With over 40 years of experience, we actively manage thousands of tenant relationships and have built our reputation as one of the leading property management companies in Calgary.  For more information about our overarching, high-quality year-round services created to bring peace of mind to real estate investors contact us today! 


January 2020 Resident Manager of the Month

Congratulations Tammy for being recognized as Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.’s Resident Manager of the Month for January 2020!

Tammy has been our Resident Manager at 811 and 815 McNeill Road since February 2018. Her rapport with tenants and careful attention to detail show in the maintenance of the building as well as the fact that the properties are at full occupancy. Tammy takes great pride in her property management related duties and is always available to handle tenant concerns with a professional and respectful approach.

It is with great pleasure that we name Tammy our Resident Manager of the month. 

Congratulations Tammy on a job well done!