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2018 Resident Manager of the Month

Before the 2018 year comes to a close, we are proud of the opportunity to recognize all our valued Resident Manager of the Month winners that excelled in their property management duties. 

Above all, we recognize that our Resident Managers are the face of our team and they work hard each and every day to ensure that the apartments, condominium and rental properties under Emerald Management & Realty Ltd.’s management are clean and tenants are happy.

Congratulation to the 2018 Resident Managers of the Month

In appreciation, congratulations to our 2018 Resident Managers of the Month:

January 2018: Marty W. 
February 2018: Mariah G-D. 
March 2018: Ananda S.
April 2018: Jeanette H. 
May 2018: Ziggy S.
June 2018: Philippe D.
July 2018: Ali M.
August 2018: Lauren S.
September 2018: Brent P.
October 2018: Lance M.
November 2018: Christopher V.


Congratulations to all the winners of 2018!   Thank you for your efforts and your contribution to our property management in Calgary & area team!

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